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Tina Sloan: A Guiding Light For Change

2009 October 2
Tina Sloan, Photo: Andrea Berry

Tina Sloan, Photo: Andrea Berry

Almost anyone would envy Tina Sloan. Looking back on her life, so would she.

Peering from the outside in, it seems as if Sloan has had it all. She has had a 40-year-career in film and TV—26 of them on “The Guiding Light”—a 34-year marriage to a man she adores, looks to die for, and now her own show.

In “Changing Shoes,” the one-woman show based on Sloan’s life, the actress reveals how she made it to the top, what she did when her youthful Cybill Shepherd-looks faded, and how she has started life anew.

In a poignant, touching and well-acted show, Sloan takes us back to the time when she was in fourth grade. Known then as “the talking tomato” for her incessant chatter, she had already decided to become an actress.

Portraying herself at different ages and the people in her life, Sloan, 66, shares her professional and personal glamorous times and hardships.

We meet her haughty mother who warned her, “Don’t become an actress. It’s déclassé.” And we meet the men who made passes at her, and the woman who inspired her career the most.

With videos running intermittently behind her on the stage, we see Sloan’s first trip to Paris upon graduating college. She arrives there to spend a summer with an old friend of her mother’s who continually encourages her to go for her dreams and become an actress. “You can do it,” says Aga. “Just put one foot in front of the other.”

When Sloan returns to her parents’ home, a tony suburb just outside of New York City, she becomes a secretary but soon sneaks out to audition for roles. She gets in a play, gets an agent, and then acts in one commercial after another. On the screen behind Sloan, we see clips of her in her salad days, a beautiful blonde selling Clairol, Colgate, Stove Top, Tiparillo, Geritol, and more.

We see a short clip of Sloan in her first role on a soap opera, “Somerset.” She plays a sweet, innocent love scene with its leading man. She is so believable and sexy in it that after the director yells, “cut,” the star whispers to her, “You are the first woman who has ever made me hard!”

She does more soap operas, TV shows, acts in films directed by Woody Allen, and becomes a regular cast member of “The Guiding Light. The beautiful, sexy blonde has it all. Until she reaches her 50s.

That’s when heads stop turning, her love scenes wane, and her character on “The Guiding Light” has only a couple of words to say each episode, “Where is Beth?” Her heyday has gone, and newer, bolder and more beautiful actresses on the set scoot her out of their way so they can primp before mirrors and cameras.

At the same time, her personal life falters. Her loving father develops bone cancer and lashes out at her each time she visits. Her mother develops senile dementia and doesn’t recognize her. Her son, Renny, joins the Marines and deploys into Iraq. And she gains more than 40 pounds, a death knell for an actress.

But there is something that gets her through the tough times. It becomes her mantra: “One foot in front of the other.” The line gives her the strength to spend time with her parents each week, to lose the weight, and to hike to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Sloan does a good job of portraying herself and others, and living truthfully on stage. She also connects with the audience and makes them laugh and cry.

Changing Shoes” began as a book Sloan started writing when her parents became ill. She later would work with actor and director Joe Plummer to help her write the play. Originally, it was to be a book about how to care for aging parents, but over time the book grew to be more about how to live life to its fullest.

Sloan would know about that. She just signed a deal with Penguin to publish the book next year.

“Changing Shoes,” directed by Joe Plummer, runs at the 14th Street Playhouse in Atlanta through Oct. 8.

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  1. Emma (OliviaRocks) permalink
    October 2, 2009

    Tina Sloan is a true star. I would love to see ‘Changing Shoes’ but living in the UK poses a little bit of a problem!

    She is so warm and generous with her time on twitter and we love her for it! Lillian Raines / Cooper(!) and her trips to the bushes with Buzz will never die for thousands of us, and I just can’t wait to see her as ‘Katherine the Cougar’ in Venice!

  2. Karla Karjens40 permalink
    October 2, 2009

    I very much hope that Tina brings this show to Austin. I would very much love to see it.

  3. October 2, 2009

    In an era where age and experience are demonized and youth is set up on an alter like a god (especially so in show business) it’s refreshing to hear loud and clear from an actor who embraces where she is in life, is proud of the experiences life has given her thus far, and relishes the experiences still to come. I’ve been lucky enough to have some contact with Tina Sloan – she is warm, open, honest, intelligent, and witty. A huge talent and a class act all the way. Here’s to Changing Shoes continuing on this overwhelming positive momentum.

  4. Matt permalink
    October 2, 2009

    That totally cracks me up that she shares the story about how she made Joel Crothers (who was closeted up until his death, if I recall correctly) get a hardon on Somerset! High praise, I’m sure! 🙂

    I absolutely ADORE Tina Sloan and I keep hoping she’ll find a way to bring Changing Shoes to Tucson (or, if I must go there, Phoenix)!

  5. Kathy permalink
    October 3, 2009

    Tina Sloan, what a class act!! I have the highest respect for her and wish her well with CHANING SHOES as well as Katherine the Cougar on Venice. I watched Guiding Light for many years and loved her as Lillian. The absense of Guiding Light has left a big empty space in my heart!
    I look forward to seeing more wonderful things from Tina in the future. I can relate to the stages of life being a member of the 50 something group! I feel the same inside, but when I look in the mirror I say, “Hey what have you done with me?” We have to keep our thoughts in the right place and keep going forward. I keep telling myself that “It’s only a number!” Aging gracefully is a goal worth achieving.
    I would love to see CHANGING SHOES come to Central Florida!

  6. October 3, 2009

    We love Tina Sloan, and hope she’ll bring the play to Central Pennsylvania. Being her age, I cannot wait to see it and read the book. Loved her on Guiding Light and miss that so very much, we are wishing her well w/all her endeavors.

  7. Nelia permalink
    October 3, 2009

    Kudos to Tina Sloan. A class act indeed. I’ve watched Tina on Guiding Light since the first day she stepped on screen. Congratulations on the next chapterof your life! The best of luck with Changing Shoes and Venice. Look forward to seeing you in both! Here’s hoping you take your play to NYC…

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