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‘War Horse’ at the Fox Theatre

2012 September 29

The Broadway touring company of “War Horse,” playing at the Fox Theatre, is simply spellbinding.

The show, which won five Tony Awards including one for Best Play, is a must see for the sheer theatrics of the lifelike horse and geese puppets and the rolling background screen that portrays the countryside, cannons, and tanks from war-torn Europe.

The star of the show is Joey, a horse that stands about 15 hands high, flares its ears back, jerks and twists its neck, and moves in the exact gait of a real horse. The co-star, Albert (Andrew Veenstra), a teenage boy who wins Joey from his father, loses Joey to the army, and later enlists in search of his one true love, Joey.

Based on the book “War Horse” by Michael Morpurgo, it’s a good premise for a story–who doesn’t love a good pet story–but the script drags, and scenes linger as the story takes its time in moving forward.

The opening night cast was fantastic, especially Emile (Lavita Shaurice), who was a standout as the young French girl who shies away from a German soldier, but allows her fondness for Joey to unite the three of them.

In association with Handspring Puppet Company, script adapted by Nick Stafford, directed by Bijan Sheibani, “War Horse” runs through Sept. 30 at the Fox Theatre.



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