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‘The Threepenny Opera’ at 7 Stages

2016 September 18
by Susan Asher
cast names

Stephanie Lloyd, Aaron Strand, Jessica de Maria

A hot, sexy, creative  rendition of “The Threepanny Opera” is playing at 7 Stages. Gangster Macheath is two-timing his wives, Polly(Stephanie Lloyd) and Lucy (Jessica De Maria) and cheating on them both. Polly’s parents, Mr. JJ Peachum (Kevin Stillwell) and Mrs. Peachum (Don Finney) who for a cut of their wages train beggars to beg, attempts to have Macheath arrested. A look at gangsters, whores and beggars in England in the early 1900s. Great music (including the classic song “Mack the Knife”), with wonderful singing by Lloyd and De Maria and acting by Kevin Stillwell and Lloyd.

Written by Bertolt Brecht, music by Kurt Weill, directed by Michael Haverty and Bryan Mercer, “The Threepenny Opera” runs through Sept. 25 at 7 Stages.

Cast: Aaron Strand, Adam Lowe, Dorothy V. Bell-Polk, Nicolette Emanuelle, Jed Drummond, Tad Cameron, Meg Harkins, Shannon Murphy, Evan Hynes, Claire Christie.

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