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‘The Breakers’ at the Goat Farm Arts Center

2015 April 27
Angele Masters and Kevin Stillwell

Angele Masters and Kevin Stillwell

At ‘The Breakers,” presented by 7 Stages, you’ll join the party inside the home of Elliot (Kevin Stillwell) and Alice (Angele Masters) and watch from the outside windows as trouble brews and bubbles. You literally walk around the house and peer into the rooms–or even go directly inside them as part of the cast–in this audience participatory drama filled with dancing, bondage and sadomasochism. Elliot rubs some sort of cream on his face that sends him into an acid-like trip of the imagination,  and delights in the shoving and slapping he and Alice indulge in.

The audience  follows the characters, which include a hot, sexy, tall leggy blond interloper, Gold Woman (Emma Yarbrough), and the couple’s personal assistants (Mick Surbey, Markell Williams, and Michael Morgan), as the couple tries to get their finances and life in order as their business and marriage fall apart.

While I never thought being a peeping Tom was my cup of tea, being a voyeur into this mad world makes for a must-see show.

“The Breakers,” written and directed by Michael Haverty, runs through May 10. Tickets are available at 7 Stages.


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