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‘Smart People’ at True Colors Theatre

2016 August 3
by Susan Asher

“Smart People” may not be as smart as all that, but it’s an amusing play about the differences between cultures and races. Without being preachy, it focuses on the ways we are all affected by race, our own prejudices and that of others. Relationships and conflict swirls around an Asian-American, Harvard psychology professor Ginny (Julee Cerda), a highly educated black actress, Valerie (Danielle Deadwyler), a white neuroscience professor, Brian (Joe Knezevich) set on proving that all whites are racists, and an obstinate black doctor, Jackson (Neal Ghant).

It’s an enjoyable show with good actors and an outstanding performance by Deadwyler, who had the audience howling when her character is called upon by a director to play a stereotypical, urban, street-style angry, loud woman.

Written by Lydia Diamond, directed by David de Vries, “Smart People” runs through August 7 at True Colors Theatre at the Southwest Arts Center.

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