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‘Our Town’ at Theatrical Outfit

2019 September 9
by Susan Asher

I don’t care if you’ve seen the classical Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Our Town” ten times or never, but if you want to see a great theatrical production, go see it at Theatrical Outfit.

The acting is so good, and Emily (Maggie Birgel) could not have made anyone feel so much or put so many viewers to tears.

Life in Grover’s Corners back in the early 1900s doesn’t appear to be much different from life in the mid 1900s. Neighbors knew one another, the milkman came regularly and people fell in love with the girl or boy next door.

In the three-act play, the stage manager sets the scene and provides the history of the small town of Grover’s Corner. It’s slow moving, but stay with it because the pace picks up in Acts 2 and 3.

Whether you’ve wondered about the meaning of life or never questioned it, you’ll discover it at “Our Town.” Written by Thornton Wilder, David Hyatt Crowe, “Our Town” runs in repertory with “The Laramie Project” through Sept. 29.

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