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‘Night Must Fall” at Georgia Ensemble Theatre

2019 October 27
by Susan Asher

What a terrific cast Georgia Ensemble Theatre has in “Night Must Fall.”

It’s 1935 and elderly, querulous Mrs. Bramson’s sits in her wheelchair at home among her servants, including her niece, Olivia.

Her maid, Dora, reveals she’s become pregnant by a bellhop at a local fancy hotel, Dan, and Bramson demands to meet him and that the two marry.

When he arrives, while Dora is out of the room, Dan flirts with Olivia, says he was a former male nurse and charms Bramson into hiring him.

The radio broadcasts news tells of a local woman who was murdered. An investigator shows up, and Dan appears to be a suspect.

The play was first performed in 1935, and in 1937, was adapted to a film starring Rosalind Russell.

I’m a sucker for movies and music from the 1930s and ’40s, but only if their well done. This is, and I highly recommend it.

Written by Emlyn Williams, directed by Shannon Eubanks, “Night Must Fall” plays at Georgia Ensemble Theatre through November 10.

Cast: Susan Shaloub Larkin, Christina Leidel, Eliana Marianes, Doyle Reynolds, Joanna Danie, Rebecca Botter, Joe Sykes, and Jonathan Horne.

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