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‘Native Gardens’ at Aurora Theatre Through June 2

2019 May 19
by Susan Asher
This is not the Aurora Theatre production but it is here to give you a taste of the play.

A neighborly friendship soon turns into a spat when Pablo and Tania Del Valle discover their property line extends beyond their fence into Virginia and Frank Butley’s yard, in the middle of his prized garden. The Del Valles are a professional young couple who have moved into a fixer-upper and need the fence moved to have enough space hold a party for Pablo’s law firm in their yard.

The semi-retired Butleys lean on the conservative side of life, politics and gardening, while the Del Valles are more liberal and prefer their native plants to Frank’s flowers. There are smart references to liberals and conservatives, yet playwright Karen Zacarias seems to, ahem, play both sides of the fence, so you never feel like she is biased one way.

“Native Gardens” is smart and funny. The cast consists of Carolyn Cook, Bart Hansard, Cristian Gonzales and Fedra Ramirez-Olivares. The show runs just under two hours with no intermission through June 2 at Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville.

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