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‘Lillian Likes It’ Premiered at Essential Theatre

2015 August 24

Essential Theatre presented the world premiere of The 2015 Essential Theatre Playwriting Award Wiiner, Joshu Mikel’s “Lillian Likes It.”
The play, which ran from July 31 and closed this past Sunday, holds a compact mirror up to mid-millennials living in a virtual world. Perhaps more attractive to a college-age or young adult audience, “Lillian Likes It” features five young actors connecting with others via electronic devices.
In sum, Lillian, engaged to Ernie, learns that co-worker Larry Pickler, who has just died, loved her. So enamored with the virtual world, Lillian conducts an online love affair with him via the virtual Larry she creates.
Reality eventually wins the day as one hopes it does with everyone who lives through the myriad of devices that connect them to the virtual world.

Cast: Alyssa Caputo – Lillian
Tyler Hayes – Ernie
Antonia LaChé – Babs/Gatekeeper/EE
Ben Silver – Larry and Ed Pickler
Christine Vozniak – Lynne
Pat Young – Knife
Director: Shannon Eubanks

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