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‘Hidden Man’ at 7 Stages

2012 March 24
Malcolm Campbell-Taylor and Adam Fiddler
Malcolm Campbell-Taylor and Adam Fiddler

Tthis is the last weekend to see award-winning playwright Pamela Turner’s  latest spectacle “Hidden Man” at 7 Stages.

Closeted punk rock gay artist Robert Sherer (Malcolm Campbell-Taylor) works with Rev. Howard Fenster (George Contini) in his Paradise Gardens. Based on the true story of both of these artists, the play is an esoteric maelstrom of Sherer’s affair with his lover and his close relationship with the ultra conservative, religious reverand.
An Associate Professor of Art at Kennesaw State University, Sherer lived and worked with Fenster in the 1980s. Playwrignt Russell Blackmon conducted a series of interviews with Sherer and worked with Turner to write the play.
Campbell-Taylor gives a stand-out and believable performance as the young, angry and depressed artist.
Written by Pamela Turner with Russell Blackmon, directed by Del Hamilton, “Hidden Man” runs through Sunday at 7 Stages.
Jordan Harris
Adam Fiddler
Victoria L. Bennett

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