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‘God of Carnage’ at the Allliance Theatre

2012 January 24

Jasmine Guy, Geoffrey Darnell Williams, and Keith Randolph Smith. Photo: Greg Moody

The Alliance Theatre is bustin loose and banging heads in “God of Carnage.” A rip, roarin’ drag-out fight ensues between couples who try to act civilly after the Raleigh’s son knocks out two teeth and disfigures the son of the Novaks.

Within this 90-minute play, writer Yasmina Reza takes the Novaks and the Raleighs on a roller coaster wave of emotions, and the cast’s fine actors bring the audience right along with them.

Keith Randolph Smith is hilarious as Michael Novak, who goes from sedate, adoring, obedient husband and son to cynical, unruly lout.

This production has so much going for it–a great script and wonderful acting–but the vomit scene is too much like a Linda Blair cartoon with volcano-erupting vomit. Nonetheless, the cast and script are great. This is a definite go-see-it.

Winner of the 2009 Tony Award for Best Play, “God of Carnage” runs through Feb. 4 at the Alliance Theatre.

Directed by Kent Gash, “God of Carnage” features Jasmine Guy, Crystal Fox, and Geoffrey Darnell Williams.



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