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Folk Jazz “Gypsy Band”
Fishtank Ensemble Plays Eyedrum

2010 April 14

Called “one of the most thrilling acts on the planet” by LA Weekly,  Fishtank Ensemble has traveled the west coast since 2005 playing “gypsy music,” a cross of Romanian folk, jazz, Flamenco, and music with Balkan, Turkish and Tango influences. The quartet features a Mexican guitarist, a French violinist, a Serbian slap bass player and an American vocalist, Ursula Knudson, who also plays banjo, ukulele and a musical saw.

Yes, lots of gypsy sounds, but Knudson’s operatic singing on upbeat jazz tunes is like listening to a mixture of Annie Lambert and Betty Boop.

The Daily Page, in Madison, Wis., said the band’s performance was “one of the best shows of the year.” It described it as “ Fusion gypsy music, played with unbelievable virtuosity on odd acoustic instrumentation and the energy of punk and rockabilly.”

Fishtank Ensemble plays Eyedrum this Thursday at 8 p.m.

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