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‘Fetch Clay, Make Man’ at True Colors Theatre

2015 November 6

Fetch whatever it takes to see True Colors Theatre Company’ s phenomenal production of “Fetch Clay, Make Man.” Not only is the production brilliant, so is the writing. Just when you think you know these characters, a whole other side of them appears.

Based on the true story of Muhammed Ali’s professional relationship with Stepin Fetchit (Brad Raymond), the black actor known for playing his “lazy man” roles in the late 1920s, Muhammed Ali (Rob Demery) is preparing to fight Sonny Liston for the second time. It’s 1965, and Ali and his wife, Sonji (Danielle Deadwyler), who have recently become Muslims, are besieged by his Muslim handlers, his “brothers.”

This may be the best theatrical production of the year. The entire cast is splendid. Demery and Raymond practically embody their characters. From the moment Raymond opens the show with his first line, you know that character as you’ve seen him before. Watching Demery is like watching Ali in person, with similar mannerisms and speech. Broadway could do no better, and if this show isn’t headed to Broadway soon, it should be.

Written by Will Power, directed by Eric Little, “Fetch Clay, Make Man” runs through Nov. 22 at True Colors Theatre Company.


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