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‘Ever After’ at the Alliance Theatre

2019 February 7
by Susan Asher

“Ever After” is the second musical version of the Cinderella story the Alliance Theatre has produced in the last two years, and it’s as charming as the first, “Cinderella and Fella.” While it may be another timeless musical story– boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl — it’s sweet, entertaining and worth seeing.

Adapted from the movie of the same name starring Drew Barrymore as the Cinderella character, Danielle de Barbarac, “Ever After” is set in France during the Renaissance. For political reasons, the king and queen have promised their son, Prince Henry, to wed the princess of Spain. However, the prince wants to wed someone he loves, so his parents relent and give him a week to find someone.

Having lost her father, and years earlier her mother, Danielle lives as a servant to her stepmother and two step-sisters.  Danielle borrows a fancy dress and headdress from an artist to go to the palace to pay a debt for a friend where she unexpectantly meets the prince. Hiding her true identity and pretending to be of the noble court, she quickly scurries away before her secret is discovered.

Tunes feature nice harmonic melodies and Russian influences. The performers and singers are fit for a king, and so is this show. 

“Ever After” runs through Feb. 17 at the Alliance Theatre.

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