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‘An Octoroon’ at Actor’s Express

2019 February 1
by Susan Asher

Guest Review by Akansha Sirohi

“An Octoroon” is a satirical approach to recreating the pre-civil war slavery
system in the United States. Playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins doesn’t disappoint when it comes to staging relatable stereotypes in his script. You will find yourself  laughing at some of the deep cultural references and racial biases narrated in the play. Despite these punches, An Octoroon fails to keep the audience entertained.
The play opens with a prologue reflecting the playwright’s idea and
complications of putting together a play on racism. Although the enactment of the white slave master and a Native American by Neal A. Ghant and Kyle
Brumley’s were loud, they added a twist to the parody. The comical
performances by Isake Akanke, Parris Sarter and Candy McLellan as slaves will  crack you up. However, An Octoroon with all its ironies tries and fails to make a point.

Written by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, directed by Donya K. Washington, “An Octoroon” runs at Actor’s Express through Feb. 24.

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