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Alexandra Bodnarchuk Dancers Virtual Premiere

2020 October 23
by Susan Asher

TITLE: Heritage Sites , a dance film Virtual Premiere
DATES/TIME: October 24 & November 7, 2020 // 5:00pm, & 7:00pm
TICKET COSTS: $20 suggested ticket price (additional Pay-As-Able prices available)
Join Alexandra Bodnarchuk + her artistic team for the virtual premiere of their film, Heritage Sites.
Set in an enigmatic space containing a bathtub, we initially see an interplay between the water and each dancer as they tentatively touch, experience, and immerse themselves in it. Filmed on location in a warehouse in St. Paul, the dancers eventually transcend the confines of the tub to the floor of the space. Moving deftly between the pillars they jump, run, and sway. The film’s most intriguing moments may stem from the intimate shots of individual dancers that capture a glistening tongue, the sound of a breath, and the slap of a thigh up close.
Artistic Associate Brandon Anderson Musser’s soundtrack layers in live sound over a supportive musical landscape that amplifies the vulnerability of the dancers’ performances. Cinematographer Arlo Myren’s camera work creates a world that is unfettered and unconcerned with glamourizing dance. We see dirt on the dancer’s feet and underwear riding up; its presence grounding us in the moment on screen.
Each screening is followed by a discussion with Alexandra and a Guest Speaker on a topic related to her artistic process or ethos (see list below). Q&A to follow. 60 minute run time.

5:00 pm – Screening + discussion with Alexandra & 2019 McKnight Dancer Fellow Erin Thompson on The Evolution of Bodies in Dance
7:00 pm – Screening + discussion with Alexandra & Emily Madigan of the Mixed Messages Podcast: Making Work as a Radical Act of Self Love & Rebellion
5:00 pm – Screening + discussion with Alexandra & Patrick Scully of Patrick’s Cabaret on Dismantling the Starving Artist Archetype
7:00 pm – Screening + discussion with Alexandra & Joseph Hall the Executive Director of the Kelly
Strayhorn Theater on The Evolution of Voice
Alexandra Bodnarchuk is a Carpatho-Rusyn-American dance artist. She creates original works that reframe, identify, and re-contextualize her programmed responses to body shaming and the intimate violence of female perpetuated sexism. She pursues the question ‘what is honesty’ as a choreographic prompt and a commitment to the physicality of weight. She frequently collaborates with sound designer Brandon Anderson Musser; they are currently in post-production for Heritage Sites, a dance
film. She is in her third season moving with Black Label Movement.
This work was created through the Works-In-Process Residency at the Center for Performing Arts under the mentorship of April Sellers.

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