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Church Mice at Aurora Theatre

2021 October 3
by Susan Asher
James Brooks

Church Mice is a musical sketch comedy show conceived under a peach tree in Atlanta by a bunch of local comedians during the pandemic. This show is not an indictment on religion. We already know that the stories in the bible can be interpreted six ways to Sunday. But to Love thy neighbor as thyself is a virtue fit a better world. And when folks gather on Sunday to hear the gospel, things get super weird.

Featuring laugh-out-loud sketch comedy, live music, singing, dancing, and a host of crazy characters, Church Mice is filled with side splitting laughter performed by a diverse cast of Atlanta’s funniest musical comedians. Enjoy song parodies during the annual Christian talent show, Youth Pastor Chad’s desperate attempts to boost attendance, and watch reverend James get into a fight with a snake.

Written by Sarah Mckee, Evan Conaway, Brandon Stringfield, Abigail Williams, George N Koulouris, and Will Amato

OCT. 8 at  8PM
in the Lawrenceville Arts Center Courtyard
Outdoor performance under a large tent
TICKETS from $14
Tickets are available in 3 sections.

VIP Tents: $192, includes 6 chairs and a table.
Premium Seating: $22
Standard Seating: $14

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